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U.S.A. v. Moore

United States District Court, E.D. North Carolina

March 1, 2017

George William Moore


          James C. Dever III Chief U.S. District Judge

         COMES NOW C. Lee Meeks, Jr., U.S. Probation Officer of the court, presenting a petition for modification of the Judgment and Commitment Order of George William Moore, who, upon an earlier plea of guilty to Possession of Child Pornography, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2252(a)(4)(B), was sentenced by the Honorable James C. Dever, III, Chief U.S. District Judge, on June 23, 2010, to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons for a term of 90 months. It was further ordered that upon release from imprisonment the defendant be placed on supervised release for a period of life.

         George William Moore was released from custody on May 27, 2016, at which time the term of supervised release commenced.

         RESPECTFULLY PRESENTING PETITION FOR ACTION OF COURT FOR CAUSE AS FOLLOWS: The probation officer recommends the court strike the condition that the defendant shall further abide by the rules and regulations of the Eastern District of North Carolina Sex Offender Program and in lieu thereof, impose the below specified conditions, which have been individualized to meet the specific needs of the defendant based on recommendations from the defendant's treatment specialist at Clinical and Forensic Associates, PLLC.

         The defendant signed a Waiver of Hearing agreeing to the proposed modification of supervision.

         PRAYING THAT THE COURT WILL ORDER that supervised release be modified as follows:

1. To ensure compliance with supervision, the defendant shall submit to unannounced searches of any computer or computer equipment (including mobile phones, tablets, and data storage devices) which may include the use of computer monitoring technology, computer search or analysis software, and copying of all data from the device and external peripherals. Such examination may require the removal of devices from the defendant's possession for the purpose of conducting a thorough inspection.
2. At the direction of the U.S. Probation Officer, the defendant shall consent to the installation of systems or software that will allow the probation officer or designee to monitor computer use on any computer that the defendant owns or is authorized to use. The defendant shall pay the costs of this monitoring.
3. The defendant shall register with the state sex offender registration agency in the state where the defendant resides, works, or is a student, as directed by the probation officer.
4. The defendant shall not possess children's clothing, toys, games, etc., without permission of the U.S. Probation Officer.
5. The defendant shall not associate or have verbal, written, telephonic, or electronic communications with any person under the age of eighteen (18), except: (1) in the presence of the parent or legal guardian of said minor; (2) on the condition that the defendant notifies the parent or legal guardian of the defendant's conviction or prior history; and (3) with specific, written approval from the U.S. Probation Officer. This provision does not encompass persons under the age of eighteen with whom the defendant must deal in order to obtain ordinary and usual commercial services (e.g., waiters, cashiers, ticket vendors, etc.).
6. The defendant shall not use, possess, or control any computer-based counter forensic tools. The defendant shall not use or have installed any programs specifically and solely designed to encrypt data, files, folders, or volumes of any media. The defendant shall, upon request, immediately provide the U.S. Probation Officer with any and all passwords required to access data compressed or encrypted for storage by any software.
7. The defendant shall not use, purchase, possess, procure, or otherwise obtain any computer or electronic device that can be linked to any computer networks, bulletin boards, internet, internet service providers, or exchange formats involving computers unless approved by the U.S. Probation Officer.
8. The defendant shall not loiter within feet of any area where minors frequently congregate (e.g., parks, school property, playgrounds, arcades, amusement parks, day-care centers, swimming pools, community recreation fields, zoos, youth centers, video arcades, carnivals, and circuses) ...

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