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State v. Mylett

Court of Appeals of North Carolina

April 18, 2017


          Heard in the Court of Appeals 9 February 2017.

         Appeal by defendant from judgment entered 31 March 2016 by Judge Alan Z. Thornburg in Watauga County Superior Court Watauga County, No. 15 CRS 51160.

          Attorney General Joshua H. Stein, by Assistant Attorney General Kevin G. Mahoney, for the State.

          Arnold & Smith, PLLC, by Laura M. Cobb, for defendant-appellant.

          MURPHY, Judge.

         Daniel Mylett ("Defendant") appeals from his conviction for assault on a government officer. On appeal, he contends that the trial court erred by (1) denying his motion for a continuance; and (2) denying his motions to dismiss. Specifically, he argues that the trial court should have granted his motion for a continuance so that he could prepare a motion to dismiss on the basis that video footage of the assault recorded on officers' body cameras was destroyed prior to trial in violation of Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83, 10 L.Ed.2d 215 (1963).

         He further asserts that, because he did not intend to assault a government officer, but instead intended to assault civilians standing behind the officer, the charge of assault on a government officer in violation of N.C. G.S. § 14-33(c)(4) (2015) was erroneously submitted to the jury as the State failed to establish the requisite intent element of the offense. After careful review, we reject Defendant's arguments and conclude that he received a fair trial free from error.

         Factual Background

         At 1:37 a.m. on 29 August 2015, Officer Jason Lolies ("Officer Lolies") and Officer Forrest ("Officer Forrest") with the Boone Police Department responded to a call regarding a male who was bleeding from his head at 200 Misty Lane in Boone, North Carolina. Upon arriving at the Misty Lane address, Officers Lolies and Forrest encountered several hundred individuals, most of whom were college-aged.

         Officer Lolies recalled that "[a]s we got to the crest of the hill, the driveway, that's when we heard a commotion and it sounded like some arguments, some screaming, some fighting sort of" coming from a smaller group of approximately 30 individuals. Upon investigation, Officer Lolies observed "people pushing and shoving over top of [Defendant]" who was "laying on the ground." Officer Lolies continued that "[i]t appeared that some of the people were trying to defend [Defendant] and there was obviously people trying to attack him[.]"

         The officers moved in to break up the altercation, and, after subduing the combatants, were approached by Defendant's girlfriend, Kathryn Palmer ("Palmer"), who informed them that Defendant was bleeding from his head. Officer Lolies then went over to Defendant and observed that both of Defendant's eyes were bleeding and that he had bruising and a large knot developing over his left eye.

         Defendant then jumped up from the ground where he was lying, acted aggressively towards Officer Lolies, and told him "to do [his] motherfucking job." While Defendant was yelling at him, Officer Lolies detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Defendant then explained to Officer Lolies that the reason he had been beaten was because he had tried to stop Palmer from dancing with another man.

         Shortly thereafter, Officer Dennis O'Neal ("Officer O'Neal") arrived on the scene to assist Officers Lolies and Forrest. Officers Lolies and Forrest attempted to question several other individuals on hand, but were unable to do so because "[Defendant] was pretty erratically challenging people to fights. He would call them pussies, just very loud" and "[h]e charged at a couple of people a couple of different times and Officer Forrest, and eventually when Officer O'Neal arrived on the scene they would restrain him to prevent him from doing that." Defendant continued to verbally berate Officers Lolies, Forrest, and O'Neal by "telling [them] as law enforcement officers to do [their] . . . motherfucking jobs."

         The officers called for an ambulance for Defendant, and, upon its arrival, Officer O'Neal directed Defendant into the back of the vehicle. Defendant initially complied, but proceeded to exit abruptly from the ambulance. Defendant resumed swearing at the officers and challenging nearby individuals to fight him.

         Officer O'Neal positioned himself between Defendant and these individuals and at that point Defendant "attempted to spit at folks that were walking behind, behind [Officer O'Neal's] location, over [his] shoulder." Defendant's spit made contact with the left side of Officer O'Neal's face and shirt. Defendant spat two additional times, despite Officer O'Neal ordering him to stop, again hitting Officer O'Neal in his face and on his shirt.

         Officer O'Neal ultimately corralled Defendant back into the ambulance and rode with him to Watauga Medical Center to receive treatment for his injuries. Defendant continued swearing at and verbally berating Officer O'Neal in the ambulance and at one point "stood up in the back of . . . the ambulance, off the gurney, and began punching the interior walls of the ambulance" prompting Officer O'Neal to restrain him until they reached the hospital. Later that day, a warrant was issued and Defendant was arrested for assault on a government officer in connection with his spitting on Officer O'Neal.

         Prior to Defendant's district court trial, his original trial counsel received copies of video recordings taken on the officers' body-cams of the events surrounding the 29 August 2015 altercation at 200 Misty Lane. However, counsel opted not to obtain copies or use the footage at trial. After counsel's review, the original recordings were destroyed in accordance with the Boone Police Department's evidence retention schedule.

         On 9 November 2015, Defendant was tried before the Honorable Rebecca E. Eggers-Gryder in Watauga County District Court. That same day, Judge Eggers-Gryder found Defendant guilty of assault on a government officer and sentenced him to 60 days imprisonment, suspended sentence, and placed him on 12 months supervised probation. On 12 November 2015, Defendant appealed to superior court for a trial de novo.

         A jury trial was held in Watauga County Superior Court before the Honorable Alan Z. Thornburg from 29 March 2016 through 31 March 2016. Prior to the jury being empaneled, Defendant's new trial counsel moved for a continuance on the ground that counsel wished to prepare a motion to dismiss since the video recordings of the events of 29 August 2015 taken on the officers' body cameras had been destroyed and were therefore unavailable for use by the defense. After hearing arguments from defense counsel and the State, the trial court ultimately denied the motion. Significantly, no motion was filed in District Court relating to the videos and defense counsel did not move to dismiss on this ground in the four and a half months prior to the trial in Superior Court.[1]

         At trial, the State proceeded on a theory of transferred intent as to the assault on an government officer charge. To this end, it elicited testimony from, among other witnesses, Officers Lolies and O'Neal.

         Officer O'Neal testified as follows concerning the spitting incident:

Q. I'm sorry -- but was he just talking loudly and a little bit of spit came out or was he actually projecting spit?
A. He was attempting -- or projected, projecting spit attempting to hit folks that were walking behind me.
Q. And when it hit you was it just a little driplet (sic) or was it a lot of liquid?
A. If you know it was like the, you know, what a sneeze feels like, you know, a sneeze will make you feel the droplets on your face and you can see you got some stuff on your shirt.
Q. And how about the third time, did that hit you?
A. Yes, sir, it did, but it was, there wasn't near as much, you know, liquid, or I couldn't feel as much on the third time.
. . . .
Q. And what did you do at that ...

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