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Johnson v. Italian Shoemakers, Inc.

United States District Court, W.D. North Carolina, Charlotte Division

May 10, 2018

DAVID A. JOHNSON and ALDA, INC., Plaintiffs


          David S. Cayer United States Magistrate Judge

         THIS MATTER is before the Court following a telephonic discovery conference and review of each party's proposed Protective Order.

         To facilitate the production and receipt of information during discovery in this lawsuit, the Court enters this Protective Order for the protection of confidential and other commercial information (collectively referred to as "Confidential Information") that may be produced or otherwise disclosed during the course of this lawsuit.

         Accordingly, pursuant to Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Rule 502 (d) of the Federal Rules of Evidence, it is hereby ORDERED as follows:

         1. After carefully reviewing materials to segregate non-confidential from Confidential Information, a party (or a third party producing documents or providing deposition testimony) may designate any deposition testimony, information, materials or documents produced or furnished by that person pursuant to discovery or otherwise during the course of this litigation as "CONFIDENTIAL."

         (a) The designation of any material as CONFIDENTIAL shall constitute a representation by the party and its counsel that they, in good faith, believe that:

         (i) the material so designated contains or constitutes at the time of the designation: (1) trade secrets or other information of a non-public nature considered by the producing party or person to be commercially or personally sensitive, confidential and/or proprietary; or (2) other sensitive or proprietary research, analysis, development, marketing, financial or commercial information, including information likely to be deemed sensitive by a non-party; and

         (ii) the entry of a protective order is necessary to protect the producing party from disclosure to anyone other than those persons identified in Paragraph 4 below in order to avoid unreasonable annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, or undue burden or expense as provided in Rule 26(c).

         Any designations made pursuant to this paragraph are to be reasonably limited both in subject matter and in time.

         2. Any document or portion of a transcript, whether an original or copy, including any exhibits, answers to interrogatories and other written discovery responses, as well as physical objects, recordings or things that any party deems to contain CONFIDENTIAL information as defined in paragraph 1 above shall be so designated by such party by stamping the legend CONFIDENTIAL on each page of such document or by otherwise conspicuously indicating the appropriate designation on such physical object prior to production. In lieu of marking the appropriate notation on the originals of documents, the party may mark the copies that are produced. All Confidential Information not reduced to documentary, tangible or physical form, or which cannot be conveniently labeled, shall be so designated by informing the recipients in writing that the information constitutes Confidential Information and providing the appropriate designation.

         3. Any Confidential Information designated as CONFIDENTIAL shall not be publicly disclosed, discussed, or disseminated directly or indirectly by any person or entity with knowledge of this Protective Order except in accordance with the terms of this Protective Order. Confidential Information may be used only for the prosecution or defense of the above-captioned action and not for any other pending or threatened litigation, or any other business or other purpose whatsoever, unless obtained through subpoena or document demand in another proceeding before a court of competent jurisdiction, or by summons or subpoena from any federal or state governmental agency or body. Except as expressly permitted herein or by further order of this Court, all Confidential Information shall be maintained and kept by the other parties in this case in a manner consistent both with maintaining the confidentiality of the information and the intent of this Order. Confidential Information shall not be given, shown, disclosed, disseminated or described, directly or indirectly, to any person(s) other than those set forth in paragraph 4 hereof.

         4. The following persons shall be the only persons permitted to have access to information designated as CONFIDENTIAL, and such access shall be permitted subject to the limitations set forth below:

         (a) Each counsel of record for a party in this case, including outside and in-house lawyers, and such lawyers' staff to whom it is necessary that materials be disclosed for purposes of this litigation, including secretaries, paralegals and document clerks.

         (b) Each party, and any current or former director, officer, employee or agent of a party who is requested by that party or any of its attorneys to work on or potentially testify at deposition or trial in this action or who requires the information to assist in or evaluate this action, ...

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docket number, dissents and concurrences, and footnotes for this case.

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